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Araya Clothes Hanging Stand

Araya Clothes Hanging Stand

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Gold finishes are done using PVD coating which is a more premium and more durable finish whereas all other colours are done in Powder Coating which is great and durable as well but not as long lasting as PVD Coating. Gold Stands can be used in areas which are high in moisture like Bathrooms and are also recommended for states which have high Humidity.

Manufacturer Details

Name - Fixturic India Inc


Location - Khasra No. 62/6/2 and 62/7/1, Main Rohtak Road, Mundka Industrial Area, West Delhi, New Delhi-110041


Introducing the Araya Clothes Hanging Stand from the renowned Lume Collection by Fixturic – a masterful blend of style and functionality.

Redefine your wardrobe organization with this premium clothes stand, thoughtfully crafted to meet the demands of modern living.

Key Features:

  1. Sleek and Sturdy Design: The Araya Clothes Hanging Stand boasts a sleek pole design that adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your space. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, providing a reliable solution for your wardrobe needs.

  2. Versatile Hanging Options: Featuring multiple hooks on the sleek pole, the Araya cloth hanger stand offers a versatile solution for hanging various items, from clothing to accessories. This innovative design allows you to customize your storage space to suit your unique preferences.

  3. Efficient Space Utilization: Designed with a focus on space optimization, the Araya Clothes Hanging Stand is perfect for those who value both style and functionality. Its compact footprint makes it an ideal addition to bedrooms, closets, or any area where space is a premium.

  4. Premium Quality: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this cloth stand is a testament to the quality synonymous with the Lume Collection. Enjoy a premium product that not only enhances your organization but also elevates your living environment.

  5. Easy Assembly: Setting up your Araya Clothes Hanging Stand is a hassle-free experience. With straightforward instructions and minimal components, you can enjoy the benefits of this stylish and practical wardrobe solution in no time.

Upgrade your wardrobe organization with the Araya Clothes Hanging Stand – a perfect marriage of contemporary design and versatile functionality. Experience the Lume Collection's commitment to quality and style. Order now and redefine the way you organize your space.


Height -1750 mm


40-45 Days

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Araya clothes hanging stand?
A: Araya clothes hanging stand, also known as a cloth stand or clothes hanger stand, is a portable or stationary device used for hanging clothes to dry or store them.

Q: What materials are Araya clothes hanging stands made of?
A: Araya Clothes hanging stands are commonly made of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, wood, plastic, or a combination of these materials.

Q: How do I choose the right clothes hanging stand for my needs?
A: Consider factors such as the amount of space available, the number of clothes you need to hang, the durability of the stand, and any specific features you may require, such as adjustable height or foldable design.

Q: Can Araya clothes hanging stands accommodate heavy garments like coats or suits?
A: Yes, many clothes hanging stands are designed to support heavier garments, but it's essential to check the weight capacity of the stand before hanging heavy items.

Q: Are Araya clothes hanging stands suitable for outdoor use?
A: Some clothes hanging stands are designed specifically for outdoor use and are made of weather-resistant materials. However, it's essential to ensure that the stand is sturdy enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

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