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Ambar Clothes Hanging Rack

Ambar Clothes Hanging Rack

Elevate Your Ambiance with the Ambar Clothes Hanging Rack

Indulge in the epitome of sleek aesthetics and functional design with the Ambar Clothes Hanging Rack. Here’s how the Ambar Rack transcends the mundane, creating a shopping haven in your store:

Unveiling Elegance

  • The minimalist design of the Ambar Rack resonates with the modern-day charm, effortlessly drawing customers towards your apparel. Best Shop-fittings for your space
  • Let your clothing do the talking as they float elegantly against a backdrop of refined simplicity.

Durability Meets Design

  • Engineered for endurance, this rack stands firm amidst bustling retail environs.
  • From summery scarves to hefty coats, the Ambar Rack holds them with an unwavering grace.

Space Efficiency

  • Its slender profile is a real estate saver, yet doesn't skimp on hanging space.
  • Experience the ease of display management within a compact yet spacious framework.

Hassle-Free Setup

  • Say goodbye to cumbersome assemblies; with the Ambar Rack, it’s a straightforward affair.
  • Transitioning through different layouts is no longer a chore but a swift, simple task.

Frequent Queries:

  • Can the rack height be adjusted? Absolutely! Tailor the rack height to accommodate various garment lengths with ease.
  • Is it a floor-space hog? No way! Its sleek demeanour ensures a minimal footprint, while maximizing display space.
  • What material is this? The frame is made of MS and finished in powder coating and the shelves are made of glass.

Display table:
Width 120 cm
Depth 50 cm
Height 70 cm

Clothing rail:
Width 120 cm
Depth 50 cm
Height 132 cm

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